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Should you ‘Break Up’ with your Sales or Marketing Tech Platform?


  |  Published: February 14, 2022

Have you fallen out of love with the Sales or Marketing Tech platforms you rely on? Recently three revenue operations pros sat down with Inflectiv’s Jessica McAulay to discuss why, how, and when companies might need to leave their current technology.

Watch the full recording of the session here. To get you in the zone, we’ve included a few of our favourite quotes from the session.

“Marketing is such a data-rich job. If you’re using a tool that’s not providing you with the data you need to make the right decisions in your role, it’s probably time to look at competitors.”

“Forget about the tool you have for a second. What is your ideal state? What are you trying to achieve? What do you need from the tool? Does the tool fit into it? Can the tool get you to your ideal state? If it’s no, you have a clear answer.”

– Lisa Edwards, VP Marketing for Q4

“If everyone on the workforce is giving you the same answer…where there’s smoke there’s fire.”

“Sometimes you grow out of relationships. It’s the same with your software. Perhaps it was brought in by Sales or Marketing, but now might not be the best for larger RevOps projects.

– Helena Barclay, Director of Member Experience, Borrowell

“Upfront work makes life easier later. Do your due diligence. There’s danger in thinking ‘this worked so well for me when I was at this other company; it must work for me here now.’ Try to approach it from an objective standpoint.”

– Sarah Bugeja, Senior Director of Demand Generation, Wave

“You need to think about possible downtime and impact it will have on the business. Also, do you have the buy-in? Is everyone is aware of the total cost?”

– Jessica McAulay, Sensemaker, Inflectiv

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