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3 Revenue Operations as a Service Models That Work for Scaling Companies


  |  Published: March 31, 2023

Revenue Operations (RevOps) as a Service is a relatively new option. But how does it actually work?

Inflectiv’s mission is to help more companies succeed by using RevOps. We operate using a RevOps as a service model, which means we complete projects, solve problems, or deliver assistance with your systems and our expertise.

Our last post answered the #1 question we get from companies: what are the benefits for companies that outsource revenue operations (RevOps) to a partner like Inflectiv?

Now we’re going to answer common question #2: How do you structure your RevOps work for your clients?

Built around business and team needs

To build the best service structure, we based it on we’ve learned about Sales, Marketing, Client success, Operations and Finance leaders at scaling companies.

First, no one is eagerly waiting to spend their budget on revenue operations. It’s likely they have a specific problem or multiple pain points holding back their growth. When they they don’t have in-house RevOps expertise and resources, they turn to an external partner like Inflectiv.

Leaders don’t want fancy presentations with a laundry list of “recommendations” that add to their workload.  They want help with problems they can’t solve themselves, and they want new opportunities realized as quickly as possible.

The Inflectiv team understands. We’ve all held client-side roles ourselves. That’s why our approach is governed by these three questions:

  1. What actions can we take to drive the most value with the least amount of resources?
  2. Does the risk of these changes produce a suitable reward?
  3. At the end of the project or sprint, can the client actually use what we’ve built? Are they self-sufficient?

Three Models of RevOps as a Service Engagements

After 3+ years and dozens of clients, we’ve built three main models to deliver Inflectiv’s RevOps services:

1. The RevOps project.


Often a company has a specific need or challenge: e.g. implementing a CRM like HubSpot, building a marketing attribution dashboard, or overhauling its sales pipeline process. In this case, the leaders in the company typically develop a brief that we use to scope out all the steps required to complete the task. By the projects’ end, clear deliverables have been met, the project is on time and on budget, and the company is able to benefit effectively from the completed work.


2. Ongoing RevOps as a Service support.

Other clients are looking for support with  a wide range of RevOps initiatives across sales, marketing, client success, or finance. These tasks vary in urgency and complexity. Often there’s pre-work needed to  align the client’s internal stakeholders on the job(s) to be done. In these cases, we structure our work on a PTE (part time employee) basis. Our PTE clients get access to two or more Inflectiv experts for a set amount of time every month.

In the Ongoing Support model, the team ramps up quickly to understand the business’ processes, platforms and people. A Priority List is developed early on for us to review with the leaders at the company. Once we agree on our deliverables, we then work closely together with the client, producing work and advancing projects in regular sprints . The process is iterative: we can make adjustments and re-prioritize tasks if need be.

Inflectiv’s ongoing engagements come in three sizes: light (10-20 hrs./month), medium (20-50 hrs/month), and heavy (50+ hours/month). This option requires a minimum engagement of two months, with no set maximum. Many of our clients have worked with us for years to fill a gap in resourcing or to help in-house teams when new priorities are identified that bring value to the business.

3. RevOps mentorship.

Our lowest touch and most flexible model involves regular access to Inflectiv RevOps pros for a few hours per week. In this model, we’re supporting leaders who are hands on and doing most of the work themselves. They lean on us for gut checks, best practices, and technical platform expertise. Each meeting becomes a working session where sh!t gets done. Sometimes we use that time to take away a specific problem to solve for them.

There you have it! Stay tuned for our next article in this educational series: how RevOps as a Service supports the evolution of the RevOps function in a scaling business.

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