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HubSpotting: New and notable in HubSpot, May 2024


  |  Published: May 22, 2024

Here are HubSpot’s top 6 new features and updates to help you get the most out of your subscription in May 2024.

Spring has sprung, and here are the newest features and updates that are worth your time.
As usual, many of these improvements come at no additional cost to subscribers!


Content Hub (requires additional subscription) – This new Hub bundles old and new features into a powerful package with a solid AI backbone. Content generation, lead capture tools, a scalable CMS, video and podcast hosting, A/B testing, SEO recommendations, advanced analytics and reporting are all included. (details)


AI Chatbot for Live Chat BETA (Service Starter and up) – Let’s face it, chatbots didn’t always deliver the best experience. That’s because it took a lot of time to connect answers to questions and inquiries. Now HubSpot is bringing GPT to their chatbots that can automatically deliver answers based on your knowledge base. (details)


Create activities from preview sidebar (all) – If you hate bouncing back and forth between different records, or working in multiple HubSpot tabs, this improvement will help you a lot. (details)


Email reply notifications (all) – You can now be notified via HubSpot if a contact replies to an email sent from your personal connected email. This is helpful for people who use HubSpot as their command centre for outreach and want to know in real-time when people respond without having to jump back to their email. (details)


Sequences embedded automations BETA (Sales and Service Hub Pro and up) – Enrolling and unenrolling contacts in sequences used to be cumbersome. Now you can access an Automations tab directly in the Sequences section, with triggers including form submissions and specific page views. (details)


HubSpot calling numbers globally BETA (all paid subscriptions) In our opinion, HubSpot’s calling feature is still a bit of an underused feature. By enabling calling in HubSpot, you can benefit from recording, transcription and many more benefits in the CRM. Calling now becomes even more useful with countries like Germany, Brazil, and Mexico coming online. (details)

These are six of the enhancements rolled out last month. For full details on new enhancements from HubSpot, check out these links:

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