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HubSpotting: New and notable in HubSpot, April 2024


  |  Published: April 9, 2024

Here are HubSpot’s top 6 new features and updates to help you get the most out of your subscription in April 2024.

Spring has sprung, and here are the newest features and updates that are worth your time.
As usual, many of these improvements come at no additional cost to subscribers!


New navigation UI (all)  – As intuitive as HubSpot is, many users have felt there was a bit too much. to navigate. HubSpot has developed a new UI BETA which is being rolled out to customers. We like the simplified and cleaner look, plus it’s more intuitive. The top navigation is moving to the left sidebar and there’s a useful workspaces area. Best of all – it’s not going to be jarring for those used to the “old” HubSpot. (details)


AI assistant for engagement, website visit, and lead generation ads (Marketing Hub Pro and up) – Marketers now have more AI resources at their fingertips with HubSpot’s expanded copywriting prompts. (details)


Conditional form to URL routing (Sales, Service Hub Enterprise) -Instead of sending everyone to the same landing page, now you can choose how each user is redirected after they’ve submitted a form. You can personalize based on region, company size, product of interest and even choose what types of scheduling they can do with your team. (details)


Customize default deal name (all) – Get more control in terms of what appears when new deals are created. Now you can configure the default deal name based on existing contact, company, deals or other properties along with static text. (details)


List notifications (Enterprise) – While we often recommend using filters instead of lists to organize your information, lists are essential for automations and marketing emails. Now Enterprise customers can get alerted when a list is edited, deleted, or changes significantly. (details)


Global search (all) – HubSpot’s search function has become even more useful because it now can index logged emails. This allows you to find a specific query or piece of feedback to speed up your work flow. (details)

These are six of the enhancements rolled out last month. For full details on new enhancements from HubSpot, check out these links:

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