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Why Inflectiv?


  |  Published: August 7, 2020

It was 20 years ago this month that I began my first real gig in PR. It was with an entertainment publicist in Toronto, and she threw me in at the deep end.

In my first week I was calling media, cobbling together a promotion, running a news conference, prepping talent for interviews and reporting back to the client. It was incredibly stressful. Many of my colleagues chain smoked at their desks.

It’s funny: my love of music landed me my first job, and years later it also inspired me to establish Inflectiv. After my last full-time job in 2018, musicians Johnny Marr and Herbie Hancock gave advice via their biographies that stuck with me: “Just get out there and keep playing. The audience will come.” And when there was no place for punk rockers to play, the kids set up their own venues.

That led me to this moment, where I’m officially launching a new service called Inflectiv. So what is it?

You can read a full description here, but Inflectiv is based on these principles:

Companies that succeed today need a clear point of view, delivered by high-value content their customers and prospects want. It sounds simple, but so many companies miss the point when it comes to thought leadership content.

Earned media is important, but we look at it as one channel in a multi-channel marketing strategy. For us, it’s about determining your white space, and then using content and technology to connect to your customer. Learn more about What We Do here.

Collaboration is the name of the game. Many agencies are locked into certain models, but we have no limits on who we partner with: creatives, writers, animators, growth marketers, data scientists and many more. It seems I’ve partnered successfully with more people over the past two years than in the previous 18, and I hope to accelerate that under Inflectiv.

Clients get direct access to passionate, bright, collaborative and experienced professionals. At big agencies I hated that career advancement took me further away from the work. My title is “Activator” because my job is to do the work and get clients to their inflection point. Strategy, technology and content are all in pursuit of that one change that moves your business. Our work for Viryl is a fine example.

So what’s next?

Like all new adventures, this comes with risk. Will I find clients that align with what I’m trying to do? Can this be sustained in the midst of a global pandemic? It can be scary to put yourself out there, especially for a PR guy more used shining the spotlight on others.

Over the past few months I’ve spent a portion of my time connecting with companies to understand their aspirations and challenges with communications, marketing and lead generation.

I’d like to hear from you too. Please get in touch with me here to find some time. Otherwise, let’s stay in touch as I share our thinking and work under Inflectiv.


Photo by The Nigmatic on Unsplash